World class corporate events for groups of 10 to 1000's of people

We create inspiring, WOW factor corporate drumming events that are unique and interactive, that engage your team and maximize your investment.

Find out why successful companies in Indonesia Get InRhythm!

Team Building
Staff Motivation &    Staff Incentive
Icebreakers & Energizers
Drumming Entertainment
World class Team Building Ideas that successfully transform your team and   bond your group. Teamwork, Leader Training Group Collaboration and team spirit in action


Staff Incentives that connect, motivate and excite your staff into action. Our Corporate Drumming Entertainment and gifts are the perfect Staff Reward


Icebreakers and energizers that work within minutes like you have never imagined. Perfect for all MICE events.

Success Stories

Find out why successful companies love to   Get InRhythm!

The power of community

At our events your people will step out of their thinking minds and into their feeling centre. By engaging in rhythm as a group, it allows them to become present and open to each other…nurturing a real sense of connection and a strong healthy productive community.

Our Group Events Are Perfect For Your Event:

    • Team Building
    • Group Collaboration
    • Icebreakers
    • Staff Energizers
    • Conferences
    • Summits
    • Annual Events
    • AGM's
    • Product Launches
    • Special Events
    • Leadership Events
    • Corporate Training Events
    • Team Bonding
    • Day Off Events
    • Staff Rewards
    • Staff Incentives
    • Outbound Events
    • Motivational Events
    • Just Plain FUN Events

7 Great Reasons to Choose InRhythm

  1. Our guarantee You have our absolute commitment. We are dedicated to creating the most unforgettable events since 2000. Our knowledge, passion and commitment is your guarantee.
  2. Our service is exceptional The InRhythm team is committed to creating a care free event for you that goes way beyond your expectations. We want to support you in every way we can to ensure this happens.
  3. Professionally trained facilitators It makes all the difference. Every InRhythm facilitator is professionally trained to ensure that your event is outstanding. Our facilitators understand how to get people in rhythm and the secrets that bring people together and how to unlock the unlimited potential in each person.
  4. Australia, Indonesia & Singapore We can reach you regardless of where you hold your event. We can also tie in to any events you have in these countries
  5. Your event is unique We listen closely to your desired objectives and outcomes and ensure that the event we create far exceeds your expectations
  6. We add outrageous value to your event We not only add outrageous value to your event, we can also offer you great gifts such as drums, T Shirts and more that can support the objectives of your event and to further reinforce the impact and message you wish to make
  7. Because your people will feel great!

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Benefits Of InRhythm Drumming

 Happy, Healthy & Wealthy

InRhythm's mission is to bring people together to succeed by creating meaningful connections. We do this in an incredibly exciting and joyous way through the transformative power fo rhythm.

Benefits of group drumming:

  • It feels fantastic, makes people VERY happy
  • Perfect group collaboration event
  • Scientifically proven health benefits
  • Shows we need each other
  • Support your companies success & wealth objectives
  • It's a great energizer & icebreaker
  • It's the perfect team bonding / team building event
  • Supports the sense of culture in your organization
  • Illustrates the power & joy of present moment awareness
  • Is a powerful listening & communication exercise
  • Illustrates the importance of diversity
  • Transcends the boundaries of language, culture and roles...allowing people to share concepts and ideas
  • Greatly reduces stress and anxiety
  • Is a powerful kin-esthetic (energy giving) charge accessible to all people
  • Develops a sense of camaraderie among us as everyone can is a universal language
  • And of course, strengthens team-working skills


A Free Drum For Every Team Member

Can you imagine every one of your guests receiving their drum at the close of an event as a memorable gift? This is our most cost effective and popular option. Find out more...

Team Spirit

"I immediately saw the potential that this type of group activity had to enhance a stronger team spirit amongst Coca Cola's managers and employees in Bali." 

Any Theme, Any Layout

An InRhythm drumming event can be in any layout, indoors or outdoors and suit any theme...circles, rows, at tables, standing etc...


Everyone Can Drum

Interactive drumming is accessible to absolutely everyone. It defies all boundaries: cultural, race, gender, religion, social, economic etc...

Corporate Drumming Events Indonesia-

Java, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medang, Bali, Kalimantan, Balikpapan, Sulawesi, Sumartra, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores, East Timor

  • 800 Staff from Bank Mandiri at 4 locations, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan

  • 90 Staff from Renoir Group, Jakarta

  • 300 staff from Mizuho, Jakarta

  • 80 Staff from YAHOO! Jakarta

  • 40 Staff from Miller Insurance, Bali

  • 70 Lawyers from Allen and Overy, Bali

  • 450 Staff from Phillip Morris, Bali200 Staff from Telin, Bali

  • 450 Sunsilk delegates drum at Hotel Mulia Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 325 delegates drum at Ayana Resort Bali Indonesia

  • 150 delegates drumming at the JFPS Human Resources Summit Jakarta 

  • 120 Staff from Arnott's, Jakarta

  • 35 Staff from Hollit, Jakarta

  • 700 staff from SHARP at their Gala Dinner Singapore

  • 26 Staff from VICO Indonesia, Jakarta

  • 150 Monsanto Staff team builder and staff motivator / reward at Singapore

  • 200 Staff from Telin, Bali

  • 50 Staff from UHY, Bali

  • 50 Kimberly Clarke staff drumming at Bintan Island Singapore

  • 400 Staff from Arnotts, Jakarta

  • 40 guests at a life longevity retreat Bali

  • 250 Staff from Sun Life Insurance Jakarta

  • 200 Guests at Karma Kandara New Years Eve Bali